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My books are now published in many countries that purchase the manuscript and then print copies in their language. Often ingredients and the name of the books are changed, not always accurately.

Illegally published books are also copied, recipes and ingredients changed and these books are sold under my name

The Complete Series Gluten Free
and Multi-Allergy Cookbook (onsale in US and Canada)

USA /Canada- Besan Flour has been changed to Garbanzo White Bean Flour, Potato Starch has been changed to Potato Flour,( a different product in US and Canada) Yellow Maize Flour has been changed to Corn Flour (causing identification problems) as corn starch is also used.
Thanks to Maxine in Canada for bringing these changes to my attention

The change of Besan to Garbanzo flour causes crumbling of the product as Besan contains almost four times the protein of the bean flour, besan 22% and Garbanzo 6%. It is protein that is required to allow the recipes to work without the aid of xanthan or guar gum. This is the reason all American recipes that use
Garbanzo Flour require xanthan gum. Besan flour, a chick pea flour is available in Asian supermarkets worldwide.

The Utensils page that warns that the Australian Tablespoon measuring 20g is used and that dry ingredients should be weighed for accuracy not measured by cup; has been ommitted. A Canadian or American tablespoon measures 15g so an additional teaspoon of ingredient such as yeast must be added. Spices have been renamed Ginger, Cinnamon and mixed spice to Pumpkin Pie spices?

Christmas Cookies are called Spice Star Cookies. Many other recipes are changed making it difficult for me to help with ongoing recipe support. When you are inquiring you may have to email the recipe so that I can identify it. As other problems are brought to my attention I will update this page.


“The Complete Series Gluten Free & Multi-Allergy Cookbook.”

Australian version that was published by American Company without my editing also has errors. If they didn’t know the conversion they apparently just took a guess!! If you are having trouble in one of these books please contact me for help.

The seeded country loaf on pg 125….. is short of 1/2 cup of warm water that causes the mixture to fail.
Irish Griddle Bread p 149 should read 125ml milk – (not 2 tbsp) >

My other three books available from my website and now in many countries have not been changed and there is no problem with recipes. Unfortunately I have no control over the modifications made by other publishers.

These errors have been identified in my bread book:
Page 88 Cornish Splits- Flour should read total 300g with 50g set aside for rolling

Page 44 Fried Scones should read 200g Superfine Flour.

Page 84 – Black Bread, Baking time 40 minutes

Page 18 – Cinnamon Cross Buns – Add 1 cup warm water to ingredient list and add this water to the recipe after the yeast and dry ingredients.

Lola Workman’s 2nd Edition
Unfortunately I have discovered several errors and one omission from my book Wheat Free World (in the first print run). On page 10 next to the words “FINE RICE FLOUR” that has no given amount, it should read 200g Fine Rice Flour. I am sorry for these mistakes but they are beyond my control as professional proofreaders have the final say on the text and they have missed these errors.The errors are noted below for your correction. My books include ongoing recipe support for purchasers, contact me if you need further help. Lola 

Page 9
Sometimes called Potato Starch (incorrect- delete this line)

Use the finest grind you can find (incorrect- delete this line)

Page 10 – Bread & Pastry Flour 200g FINE RICE FLOUR

Page 15 -.Yorkshire Pudding 2tsp baking powder (not 2tbsp.)

Page 22 – Herb Focaccia Bread – 1/2 cup water (not 1/4 cup)

Page 47 – Passionfruit Icing ( omitted )
2 cups pure icing sugar
1 tbsp boiling water
1 tblsp margarine
2 passionfruit
mix as recipe

Page 127 – Plain Scones 1/2 cup cold water (not 1/4 cup)

Page 150 – Hollandaise. 1 slice of onion (not 1 onion sliced)

Page 46 – Orange & Poppy Seed Log
re orange juice should read;… place all ingredients except orange juice into a bowl….