My books are endorsed by the National Coeliac Society of Australia


In this book I have finally achieved success with gluten free pasta and extended my range
of recipes to include a few main courses where wheat flour is commonly used. Most main
courses do not or need not contain gluten, however some folk have difficulty converting
their favourites, if you do need help remember I am just a letter, email or fax away,
wherever you are. Most of the recipes are new apart from the dozen or so favourites that
are constantly used in gluten free cookery classes, as Wheat Free World is now used as
a teaching manual, these recipes such as crumpets, Potato Bread and my Basic Pastry
have to stay.


Attention is drawn to the fact that my training is commercial cookery, and that medical details
are not taught or discussed in this book, apart from recognition of the request of a gluten free
diet. I am not a dietician trying to guess recipes by substituting gluten free flour for wheat flour

hoping that it will work, I am a trained cook who wishes to pass on the methods that I have
found successful in this difficult subject. The methods are my own, adapted from my
commercial training, research and experience gained over years of teaching cookery to adults
and working with food intolerance and allergy sufferers. These methods have proved
successful and easy to master even for inexperienced cooks.


My first published book “Lola’s Wheat Free World”, written for my allergy cookery classes has
now been used by sufferers of Coeliac Disease and other intolerance conditions since 1996.

My books come with ongoing recipe support by mail, fax, and email to purchasers. Many
letters of thanks are received each week from users of my recipes worldwide, who were
not able to achieve success in their gluten free cookery using other publications. Many
have also complimented the detailed lesson style format. Every recipe has been tested
and baked many times over to achieve success without the use of Xanthan or other
chemical gums, the reason the book is used as a reference manual and
recommended by medical practitioners throughout Australia.