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This product was developed to simplify bread making for regular users
of my sandwich bread. It is basically dried egg-white with some citric
acid to improve the PH in your local water and a little tapioca starch to
easily distibute the egg white. It has a shelf life is over two years.
Instructions for use are on the pack or you can purchase a laminated
recipe sheet with step by step instruction and coloured photographs.

It is packed in 200g and 400g packs for economical mailing in small
parcels - see postage form at botton of Order Form.
For pricing see the Ingredient order form.

The use of the bread improver replaces the fresh egg white in the recipe and
refines the texture of the loaf as well as the keeping qualities. It also allows
you to make an easy bread pre-mix that can be packaged for later use
eliminating the need for dissolving the gelatine and the separate beating
of the egg whites. Simply combine all the dry recipe ingredients as in Lola's
Sandwich Bread Recipe, replace the egg whites with the bread improver
and when you are ready to bake your loaf, just add to warm water and mix.
For additional help there is a step-by- step recipe sheet,
Sandwich Loaf Using Bread Improver available.